About Garland Vision

Think Eyecare Experience, not just getting an eye exam

Garland Vision is where you can have your eyes examined while sitting in a comfortable chair with a fresh cup of Baby’s coffee, cool music on the sound-system, and the stimulating scent of a seasonal candle wafting through the air. Think music not muzak, spa not clinic – Garland Vision

Exclusive Eyewear – You won’t find our frames anywhere else in town

With our unique visual style and relaxing atmosphere, we’ve been able to attract the most popular and distinctive eyeglass frame designers in the world. Quite simply, these frames are exclusively available to us because the designers appreciate the way Garland Vision has distinguished itself from the more ordinary optometrist offices and quickie-mart opticals. Think glasses as fashion, not just implements of vision – Garland Vision

Exclusive Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Expensive

To some, exclusive comes with a price tag that more closely resembles the GDP of several small countries! Then there is Garland Vision exclusivity. The kind that comes from the appreciation of eyewear that stands out from the crowd. The kind that comes from our perpetual pursuit of the coolest styles from the most innovative designers in the world, all served to you in a relaxing yet stimulating environment – That’s what Garland Vision is all about.